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From Jim Wright: Send Me Your Classroom or Home Reward Ideas!
If you have a reward idea that you would like to see added to the Jackpot! Reinforcer Survey Generator, type it into this form and email it to me. Thanks!
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Reward Idea:

Random Tip for Using Rewards Effectively: If your student verbally challenges you about the reward program that you are using... avoid becoming an active participant in the argument. It takes two to argue. As the adult, you can control student interactions by refusing to get pulled into arguments. If possible, keep your responses brief and your emotional state neutral.

Customize Your Forms. You can personalize all choices by typing in the student's first name and selecting the student's gender. You can also change the font style and letter size or write personalized directions to appear in the final form. (NOTE: You MUST click the 'Click to Save Your Preferences' button in order to save your selected preferences.)

Student Name: Type in the student's name to personalize each item.

Student First Name

Student Gender: Select the student's gender to personalize each item.


Font: Change the text font in the reports that you create.

Text Size: Change the size of the text appearing in your reports.

Reinforcer Survey Form Name: If you prefer a title other than 'Reinforcer Survey' for your form, write that title here.

Reward Menu Form Name: If you prefer a title other than 'Reward Menu' for your form, write that title here.

Reinforcer Survey Directions:Write your own directions for the Reinforcer Survey or use the directions that appear here.


Reward Menu Directions: Write your own directions for the Reward Menu or use the directions that appear here.

Review Your Selected Items. You can delete items that you had previously selected or move those items up or down to change the order in which they appear on the report. You can also change the response format that will appear in the report. (NOTE: If you have not yet selected any items, proceed to Step 4.)

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View the Finished Form. If you have already selected ALL of your items, click one of the buttons below to view the formatted form. Or continue on the the next section to select additional items.

Select Reinforcer/Reward Items. Choose items to appear in your reinforcer survey or reward menu. You can write your own choices or select items from the reinforcer list below and edit them to suit your needs. Then click any of the 'Add Items' buttons to save your selections.

[Enter Your Own Item]
Academic Activities
Adult Attention
Edible Items
Non-Academic Activities
Peer Attention
Tangible Items