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Give Problem Students Frequent Positive Attention  (Sprick, Borgmeier, & Nolet, 2002)

Teachers should make an effort to give positive attention or praise to problem students at least three times more frequently than they reprimand them.

The teacher gives the student the attention or praise during moments when that student is acting appropriately--and keeps track of how frequently they give positive attention and reprimands to the student. This heavy dosing of positive attention and praise can greatly improve the teacherís relationship with problem students.


Sprick, R. S., Borgmeier, C., & Nolet, V. (2002). Prevention and management of behavior problems in secondary schools. In M. A. Shinn, H. M. Walker & G. Stoner (Eds.), Interventions for academic and behavior problems II: Preventive and remedial approaches (pp.373-401). Bethesda, MD: National Association of School Psychologists.

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