School-Based Intervention Idea from


Reading Comprehension: Reading Actively  (Gleason, Archer, & Colvin, 2002)

By reading, recalling, and reviewing the contents of every paragraph, the student improves comprehension of the longer passage.

The instructor teaches students to first read through the paragraph, paying particular attention to the topic and important details and facts. The instructor then directs students to cover the paragraph and state (or silently recall) the key details of the passage from memory. Finally, the instructor prompts students to uncover the passage and read it again to see how much of the information in the paragraph the student had been able to accurately recall. This process is repeated with all paragraphs in the passage.


Gleason, M. M., Archer, A. L., & Colvin, G. (2002). Interventions for improving study skills. In M. A. Shinn, H. M. Walker & G. Stoner (Eds.), Interventions for academic and behavior problems II: Preventive and remedial approaches (pp.651-680). Bethesda, MD: National Association of School Psychologists.

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