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Work Materials: Schedule Regular ‘Clean Outs’  (Gleason, Colvin, & Archer, 1991; U.S. Department of Education, 2004)

Students are most productive when they are periodically given time and guidance to organize their work- and storage spaces to better manage the ‘paperflow’ of school work.

Prepare a class mini-lesson to present suggestions on how your students should organize their desk or other class workspace, backpack, and/or locker. Work with your class to develop organizational tips (e.g., what does belong in a locker and what does not) and a rubric to judge the degree to which each student’s work- and storage spaces are appropriately organized. Schedule time periodically for the entire class or selected students to organize their work and storage spaces under your supervision. Have students refer to the class rubric and provide teacher feedback as they organize their spaces.


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